In search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !

  • 전쟁기념관2.PNGIn search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !
  • 전쟁기념관5.PNGIn search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !
  • 정동길_Jeongdong-gil In search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !
  • 숭례문_Sungnyemun GateIn search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !
  • 덕수_Deoksu PalaceIn search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !
  • 덕수_Deoksu Palace2In search of traces of the Korean War for the 70th anniversary !


Korea, which has experienced many conflicts and wars until modern times!

Recalling the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, let's go find the memories of 175,801 Korean and U.N. war veterans and their fierce sacrifices!


▶ Jeongdong-gil (through the Russian legation where King Gojong, the last king of Joseon, fled)

▶ Visit of Deoksu Palace (using the meeting place of the Joint Soviet-American Commission)

▶ A tribute experience in front of the Yongsan War Memorial & Monument

(Peace Square Veterans Monument ~ Soldiers name on stone monument ~ June 25 war room ~ UN room ~ Overseas dispatch room, Korean War History at a Glance!)

▶ Itaewon (History of the Korean War and the U.S. Army Forces, Exotic scenery)


Hotel(Seoul) → Jeongdong-gil → Deoksu Palace → Pass by Sungnyemun Gate and Heunginjimun Gate → Lunch → The War Memorial of Korea → Itaewon → Hotel(Seoul)
  1. 정동길_Jeongdong-gil Jeongdong-gil (through the Russian legation where King Gojong, the last king of Joseon, fled)The street is where many of Korea's modern happenings flourish but also a place that carries the painful memories of the past.Jeongdong-gil begins at the main gate of Deoksugung (Daehanmun Gate) and stretches for 1 km until Sinmun-ro
  2. info_photo_111_3.jpg Deoksugung is located in downtown Seoul near Seoul City Hall. It is a popular rest area for office workers in neighboring buildings and residents in general. Unlike other palaces in Seoul it features a balanced mix of old and modern style buildings such as Seokjojeon Hall, KingGojong's office and an art museum. Visitors can watch the changing of the guards ceremony.
  3. 숭례문_Sungnyemun Gate Sungnyemun was the main gate to the walled city of Hanyang (present-day Seoul), the capital of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The walled capital had eight gates, four big and the other four small, and Sungnyemun was the gate on the southern wall and is still widely known as Namdaemun literally meaning a big gate on the south. Placed in the center of Seoul, it was symbolically important and, therefore, used to announce time, publicize major government policies, receive foreign emissaries, and hold important events.
  4. 전쟁기념관3.PNG The Korean peninsula has seen many wars among and within its states as well as intrusions from neighboring powers. Over the centuries, the southern states slowly seized territory from the neighbouring states and peoples such as the Jurchen, driving the border north and consolidating the peninsula under a single state, suffering several invasions that its allies helped to overcome. The War Memorial was built to commemorate actors and victims in the wars which led to the modern nation state. The museum also has the purpose of educating future generations by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting various historical relics and records related to the many wars fought in the country from a South Korean perspective.
  5. 이태원2.PNG Itaewon is where the cultures of east and west collide. It remains Seoul’s largest multicultural district and is a virtual magnet for shoppers on the hunt for styles and sizes reminiscent to what they would find back home. Everything from athletic apparel outdoor hiking gear luggage tailor-made suits accessories and baseball caps to a dizzying array of antiques and traditional souvenirs - you can find it all here. And for a relatively cheaper price too.

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