Jeju daily tour (SOUTH Course)

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Tour issue

▶ The tour may cancel in case of rain or snow
▶ Lunch menu is fixed
▶ if you are vegetarian or have allergies, please inform us during booking process


The most stunning island I’ve ever seen!
A volcanic, oval-shaped island, in the most southern region of Korea has phenomenal natural beauty, historical legacies, quirky museums, and array of water sports, which makes it one of the best vacation spots in Korea.
Jeju daily tour of SOUTH Course includes the most attractive tourism attraction in SOUTH side of Jeju with reasonable price!!

What you can expect

▶ Surprizing Magic Road (Mystery Road)
▶ Jeongbang Fall
▶ Korean Buddhist temple


▶ Beautiful Hanla Mountain
▶ Seasonal scenery of Jeju Island


Hotel → Mystery Road → Eoseungsaengak Trail → lunch → Jeongbang Falls → Yakchunsa → Jusangjeolli → Alive Museum → Hotel(Jeju)
  1. 도깨비도로.jpg The Jeju Mysterious Road, also known as Dokkaebi Road, lies on a hill at the foot of a mountain, and connects two major highways on Jejudo Island. It has earned its name, as objects and liquid appear to roll and flow up the hill instead of down, when, in fact, such image of gravity defiance is an optical illusion rendered by the seemingly high surroundings.
  2. 등산로2.png Eoseungsaengak Trail starts at Hallasan National Park Visitor Center and continues of to Eoseungtaeng-oreum Summit. The trail is 1.3km long and a one-way trip takes 30 minutes. Eoseungsaengak is an oreum (parasitic cone volcano) for hikers who want to go for an easy stroll after visiting the Visitor Center. On clear days Chuja Island, Biyang Island, Seongsan-Ilchulbong and Jeju Island’s east oreums can be seen. At the summit there still remain some Tochikas, which were military facilities used by the Japanese during the occupation of Korea.    ** Rainy Day Alternative Tour Course: Glass castle   Jeju Glass Castle opened in October 2008 as the nations first glass museum. Guests are able to experience state-of-the-art glass art. The museum boasts a modern glass exhibition and a coffee shop among its offerings. Works by Italian, Japanese, and Czech artists are on display, and their works depict scenes from fairy tales and other stories like Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. We also have glass shoes, pumpkins, and traditional statues on display. Guests can make their own glass vases or necklaces.  
  3. info_photo_700_1.jpg Jeongbang Fall is only water fall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. On the wall of the water fall, there is an inscription written ""Seobulgwacha"", referring to Seobul passing by this place. Seobul was a servant of the Chinese Emperor Jin (BC 259~210) who was ordered by the Emperor to find the substance that would make him immortal. Seogwipo is also said to have gotten its name to mean Seobul headed back west. Jeongbang Waterfall is situated by a high cliff by the sea, and an old evergreen stands there leaning back as if it would fall into the ocean. `Go east for about 300 meters and you will see another waterfall called Sojeongbang Waterfall. It is a great place to relax during the summer. There is an observatory at the top of the cliff, from which you can command a fine view of the sea.
  4. info_photo_573_1.JPG Yakcheonsa was built in the Buddhist style of early Joseon dynasty in the height of 30 meters (same as a 10 story building) and the size of  3'305 square meters boasting to be the largest temple in Asia. At the front of inside of the Sermon Hall,5 meter high Buddha sculpture Birozana  Buddha sits on a 4 meter high base and huge pictures of Buddha have been carved on each side. A temple bell weighing 18 tons is hanged on the belfry in front of the hall. Not only buddhists but also tourists visit this temple to pray for their wishes.
  5. info_photo_671_1.gif If you follow the farm road 600 m to the southwest from Depo-dong, at the end of the pine tree forest is a cliff. At the base of this cliff is the Jisatgae Coast along with the imposing stone pillars. The Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jejudo Island. The Jusangjeolli was formed when the lava from Mt.Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes and almost seem as if stonemasons had carved them out. The administration of the district named them ""Jisatgae Rocks"" from their old name ""Jisatgae"". Its 20 m cliff makes it a popular spot for high tide, sea angling. The waves of the high tides crashing into the side of the cliff provide a breathtaking view of the ocean surrounding the pillars.

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Tour Included

▶ Professional Jeju guide
▶ Lunch (Korean Traditional meal set)
▶ Transport
▶ Tickets for the tour

Tour Excluded

▶ Personal expenses

Pick-up Service

▶ Hotel (In Jeju)
▶ Jeju Airport

Sending Service

▶ Hotel (In Jeju)
▶ Jeju Airport

Check List

* Tour is available 01 March, 2020 ~ 30 June, 2020

Payment / Cancelation

▶ After Confirmation : 30% of cancellation fee
▶ Cancel by 2 day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
▶ Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


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