The Lonely and Great God Tour *Pyungchang Ski resort

  • 투어 8-3The Lonely and Great God Tour *Pyungchang Ski resort
  • 투어 8-3The Lonely and Great God Tour *Pyungchang Ski resort
  • 투어 8-3The Lonely and Great God Tour *Pyungchang Ski resort
  • 투어 8-3The Lonely and Great God Tour *Pyungchang Ski resort

Tour issue

▶ The starting minimum Pax for this tour is 2
▶ If the minimum Pax is not filled before the tour date, the tour may cancel


This tour will take you along to the most iconic places of goblin film sites around Korea.

Yongpyong Ski Resort : Eun Tak works at a lodge in the ski resort after leaving Kim Shin's home in episode 9. Eun Tak knows the truth about the sword in Kim Shin's body and pulling out the sword will end his immortality.


Woljeongsa : this place is 30mins away from Yongpyong Ski Resort. There is a forest trail, which brings you to the WolJeongsa Temple. The distance is about 1 km. You well be able to feel and see the beautiful scenery throughout the seasons

What you can expect

▶ Memories of the Goblin Drama
▶ Exact spots of the Goblin film sites


▶ The most iconic places of the Goblin film sites around Korea
▶ Yongpyong Ski Resort
▶ Woljeongsa


Hotel(Seoul) → Yongpyeong Ski Resort → Woljeong Temple → Jumunjin seawall → Hotel(Seoul)
  1. 용평리조트.jpg Yongpyong Resort is the oldest ski resort in Korea.The Rainbow Course extends from the peak to the base which is about 5 km. As the longest course it is available to skiers of all levels. The level of difficulty varies among each course but Yongpyong makes it easy to switch from course to course while skiing down. A 3,742m long Gondola carrying 8 people is operated from the Ski House to the 1,438m peak which is the Rainbow Course. On clear days the East Sea and the whole Mt. Odaesan come into view from here. The scenery is truly the pride of Yongpyong and it deeply impresses its visitors.
  2. info_photo_510_3.JPG Woljeongsa Temple is located in the forest of the valley east of Mt. Odaesan and it is composed of 60 temples and 8 hermitages made into one large temple. Woljeongsa Temple was established by Monk Ja Jang(590~658). At Woljeongsa Temple there is the Seongbo Museum where you can view the Buddhist culture of the Goryeo Dynasty(918∼1392) the Octagon shaped 9-story pagoda also called as the Sari-pagoda(relic pagoda) and the Stone Seated Buddha figure.
  3. 주문진 This is the one of the most famous spot of the Goblin poster

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