VIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)

  • 용주사 Yongju templeVIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)
  • 패러글라이딩 paraglidingVIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)
  • 한국민속촌.jpgVIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)
  • 5 한국민속촌 (13).JPGVIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)
  • VIP Healing_ 곤지암 화담숲VIP Korean cultural & healing experience program (4 nights 5 days)

Tour issue

Airport Pick up service and Healing Temple Stay Tour
International Incheon Airport → Yongjusa Temple Stay (Experience evening bells, including Buddhist Dinner) → 108 times (Take time to know myself by bowing 108) → Rest and bedtime

Watch the Joseon Dynasty! Korea Folk Village Yongin Tour!
Yongjusa Temple → Buddhist experience at dawn → Walking and chatting with a monk → Lunch → Korean Folk Village (Experience parade’ Eolsi-gu, Jeolsi-gu’, street performance, experience options: Hanbok experience & horse riding & natural dyeing) → Hotel

Activity city Yangpyeong! Yangpyeong Tour!
Hotel → Experience Paragliding or Mountain Bike → Lunch → Doomulmeori(Beautiful walkway with river ) → Semiwon (Botanical garden) → Hanok Pension

Create your own pottery! & Bedding experience space! Chameleon Icheon Tour!
Hanok Pension → Icheon Yespark (Ceramic Art Village) → Lunch (Korean food)
→ Simmons terrace + IKOVOX Coffee → Lotte Premium Outlet Icheon Branch → Dinner → Hotel

Body and mind healing time in nature! Gwangju Tour!
Hotel → Konjiam Hwadam Forest(Forest theme park) → Lunch (Italian) → Chen Jin-am Valley → Namhansanseong Fortress Wooden building ‘Sueojangdae’ → Other Areas


These 5 days program is an adventure that will bring you into understanding and experience Korean Culture.

At Yongju Temple, you will go deep into Buddhism world by learning the 108 bows technique, experience the evening bells, and eat like and with the monks, You will have the chance to walk and talk with a monk to understand the temple life.

At the Korean Folk Village, you will discover and learn more about traditional culture from the late Joseon period with experience like hands-on activities and different live performances!

Experience paragliding or Mountain Bike ! An adventure in Yanpyeong that you will never forget ! Time to enjoy the landscapes from the sky or from your bike.

Visit Dumulnori, where landscapes will take your breath away.



▶ Healing Temple Stay Tour
▶ Korea Folk Village Yongin Tour
▶ Exciting Activity! Yangpyeong Tour
▶ Chamele+zone Icheon Tour!
▶ Body and mind healing time in nature! Gwangju Tour!


Yongjoo Temple → Paragliding experience → Semiwon Botanical Garden → Korean Folk Village → Hwadamsup Forest
  1. info_photo_506_3.JPG It was established by King Munseong of Shila Dynasty in 854 and was called as Galyangsa. One night, King Jeongjo dreamed of a Dragon afterward he decided to build Yong(which means dragon)jusa in Hwaseong and prayed for his parents.
  2. 패러글라이딩 paragliding Paragliding is an air sports including the principles of parachute downhill (para-shooting) and hang gliding. In the Korean drama “Crash landing on you”, ‘Seri Yoon’ met Lee ‘Jung-hyuk Lee’ through paragliding. As seen in the drama, it is the hottest flight experience for Koreans these days, flying in the sky with beautiful scenery.The flight team leader with more than 20 years of experience board, so ride safely. Also People can take photos and videos while flying.
  3. info_photo_1373_3.jpg Semiwon is a botanical garden solely focused on lotus flowers. The garden houses the world’s only museum dedicated to showcasing lotus flowers in daily living, cooking, and writing. The 180,000 square-meter park consists of six ponds through water is filtered and purified before flowing back into the Hangang River. The park is most beautiful in summer when the lotus blossoms are in bloom but is also decorated with seasonal flowers throughout the year. Additional facilities at Semiwon include the Environment Learning Center, Experience Center, and exhibition areas.
  4. info_photo_8_3.gif Korean Folk Village is an overall reproduction of the ethnological life/folk behaviors of Korea.You can see and experience the traditional culture of Korea at this place.Especially there are various character role playing within the Joseon Dynasty at the Korean Folk Village. People put costume on from this era as merchants, a poor person, and others. It stimulates the interests of people.This is a beloved tour spot by both Koreans and foreigners with various attractions.
  5. VIP Healing_ 곤지암 화담숲 Hwadam Forest is an ecological arboretum located in Gwangju, Gyeonggido, 40 minutes from Seoul. Hwadam Forest's Hwadam Forest means 'to share the story correctly'. Hwadam Forest aims for an ecological space where humans and nature can interact. There are preserved our forest with eco-friendly ecological space so that anyone who loves nature can find it comfortably. Guests can see the arboretum through the monorail and experience nature through various courses.

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