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Seoul, the world's leading beauty brand.

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  • 돈의문1Beauty Industry Experience Tour
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Tour issue

■ Covid-19 quarantine rules

1. All participants must wear a mask during the tour
2. Operating personnel are vaccinated
3. Temperature check before and after boarding the vehicle
Vehicle will depart only when no abnormality is confirmed
4. Only one person for two-person-seat on the bus is allowed
5. Placement of hand sanitizer in the vehicle
6. Eating and drinking is not allowed in the vehicle except during meal times



Korean beauty products that are showing their potential despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

Visit PR halls of famous cosmetic brands and a museum where you can see the history of Seoul.

Let's take a look at the past and present of Seoul, the global fashion capital.


Reservation procedure


1. Choose your date and number of persons
2. Click Book Now

Step 2
1. Fill in the essential information required for the reservation.
(Name, Contact No, Email, Nationality/Country, Period of stay and Hotel)
2. Click on Reservation

Step 3
1. Check your email for final confirmation with detailed information (date, pick up time, pick up place, payment information)
* If there is not much time left before the tour, please call for a quick reservation 02-318-0345

What you can expect

▶ Professional Guide
▶ Historical behind stories

▶ Tourist Attractions


▶ Beauty Experience  

▶ City Tour

▶ History & Culture


Hotel → Amore Seongsu → Dongdaemun Market & Doota → Lunch → Donuimun Museum Village → Seoul Museum of History → Hotel
  1. 아모레성수_01 Amorepacific, the representative brand of Korean cosmetics, is popular among celebrities in the U.S., Europe and China. It has 43 beauty brands including Song Hye-kyo, “Sulwhasoo,” Black Pink Jennie, “Hera,” Etude House, and Laneige. You can experience over 3,000 products.
  2. 동대문시장5.PNG Dongdaemun Shopping Mall & Doota Mall, the center of accessories and fashion in Seoul, which favors world fashion and beauty. A special place where you can see the latest trends and buy souvenirs and where you can find the most popular accessories, fashion, and cosmetics in Seoul right now !
  3. 돈의문1 A representative tourist attraction for a retro experience. It is a place where You can see and experience the modern and contemporary history of Seoul. It is a new attraction in Seoul where the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s have been recreated and you can experience the city by walking through real alleyways and visiting houses.
  4. info_photo_472_1.jpg Even people who were born and raised in Seoul often cannot answer questions about Seoul correctly. Visiting the Seoul museum of history will solve your curiosity about Seoul, the capital city for 600 years since Joseon Dynasty. Seoul museum of History is where you can rediscover the history of Seoul. It is divided into four sections from prehistoric age to modern times. You will learn about the birth of Joseon Dynasty and the interestingly rearranged stories of until these days. There is Geomcheon Bridge which is prove that the museum was once where Gyeonghuigung Palace was placed in front of the museum. You can see a old tram in the front yard, parts of demolished Gwanghwamun(reconstructed and assembled with wood in traditional way) which will show you the checkered history of Seoul. Permanent exhibition hall presents the details about stream of Seoul history and culture such as the ceremonial walk of King of Joseon Dynasty and the Yookcho street of Hanyang City(Seoul’s old name in Joseon era). Western building is where you can `go back to the turbulent times of Korean empire government since they open their ports to foreign powers, and its rough history with the Korean War. You can see the change and development of Seoul is passing fast every seconds. Different exhibitions are always opened in project exhibition room about various hidden histories. Also the museum is opened free.

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Tour Included

▶ Professional English Guide
▶ Transportation
▶ Entrance Fee
▶ Lunch

Payment / Cancelation

▶ 1 Day before the tour date : NO cancellation fee
▶ After 18:00 : 100% of cancellation fee
▶ No show on tour date : 100% of cancellation fee

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