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  • 감천문화마을.jpgBusan VIRTUAL STUDIO TOUR (FREE)
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Busan is the second largest city in Korea and the number one trading port. Famous for its beautiful beaches. Global events are held every year, such as Korea's CANNES, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). You can enjoy retro craze. Villages where refugees lived after the Korean War remain the same. Historic temples hundreds of years old. And Busan is very famous for its delicious food! Make a reservation for the VIRTUAL TOUR right now!


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▶ Busan Main Attractions


 • Our favorite traditional attractions to see: Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Nine Mountain Forest, Haeundae, Gamcheon Culture Village, Yongdusan Park
• What were the best experiences picked by the guide? Luxury yacht and X the Sky Observatory
• Our favorite modern tourist attractions: Gwangalli, Gijang Cafe Street, The Bay 101 Night View, Gukje Market Street, Jagalchi Market
• Our favorite famous food: Pork and Rice Soup, wheat noodles, grilled clams, street food (seed hotteok, tteokbokki, red bean bingsu, bibim japchae)


Many Busan's hot spots and interesting stories of Busan are waiting for you.


Haedongyonggung Temple → Gwangalli Beach → Gamcheon Culture Village → Jagalchi Seafood Market
  1. info_photo_714_1.jpg A temple built on a rock formation of fantastic shape upon which the whirling waves beat is full of tourists who want to view the New Years first sunrise because the sun rising above the East Sea seen from this place is so famous for its grandeur.
  2. info_photo_822_1.jpg Gwangalli Beach is 1.4 km long 64m wide and is famous for its fine sand. This area has undergone a water cleaning program and as a result the water of the beach is pristine. The clean waters of this are also attract many fishermen. You can prepare raw fish dishes on the spot right after you have caught the fish. For those looking for some action there is the Olympic Yacht Rental where you can rent yachts. You can also enjoy water-skiing jet skiing windsurfing and other exciting water sports. On the beach there is an outer concert stage where the Busan Ocean Festival and other various events are held. The area has a cultural center a museum theaters for plays and movies an art gallery TV station and famous Korean and non-Korean fashion brand name shops. It is a popular gathering place for young people in their 20s and 30s.
  3. 감천문화마을.jpg Gamcheon Culture Villiage lead to the villages cultural center houses a wide alleys as shown below, formed by the cascade foothills area of London called to Machu Picchu, a theme that house projects and alleyways of tours throughout the formative work experience, recreated by local residents a place where you can enjoy the sights. Porcelain crafts, woodworking, textile crafts, flower hyejang jeonsugwan experience, including experience moving Angular workshop
  4. 자갈치시장2.jpg This is the nation-famous seafood market, representing Busan. It is always bustling with the vivid accents of tough Gyeongsang-do ajimae (female vendors) the sounds of splashing fish and shoppers, bargaining. The Jagalchi Market is Koreas largest seafood market. After the Korean War the market solidified itself as a fish market. Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the women who sell here are called Jagalchi Ajumma, ajumma meaning middle-aged or married women. This market represents Busan and is famous throughout the country. If you visit you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market. Even these days you can see women selling mackerel, sea squirts (ascidians) and whale meat on wooden boxes along the road. Every year in October the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival is held, and it is easy to visit because of the convenient transportation provided by the subway. The Jagalchi Market is where you can see the lifestyle of the indigenous Busan natives.

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