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  • 신포국제시장Incheon VIRTUAL TOUR (FREE)
  • Wolmi Park 월미도공원Incheon VIRTUAL TOUR (FREE)
  • 인천아트플랫폼Incheon VIRTUAL TOUR (FREE)
  • china_mainIncheon VIRTUAL TOUR (FREE)


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This is the site of the first open port in Korea, where modernization began. Now, Incheon is the gateway to Korea. There are dolmens, which are world heritage sites. Incheon, a newly built city with a beautiful skyline, offers as many things to enjoy as Seoul does. Book now to experience Incheon as a smart tourist city.


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What you can expect

▶ Professional Guide
▶ Historical behind stories
▶ Tourist Attractions


▶ Virtual Studio Experience

▶ Incheon Main Attractions


  1. Chinatown, Encounter China in Incheon
  2. Museum of Jajangmyeon noodles. History of Jjajangmyeon, a national snack through VR
  3. Open Port area, Time travel to the 19th century open port
  4. Daebul Hotel AR, The first hotel in Korea where you can listen to a Ghost's explanation
  5. The Art Platform, Art mingled with modern history
  6. Sinpo Market, Smart shopping in the traditional market, history and future together
  7. Wolmido island, Korean War, Amusement Park, and Sea Train


There are many other tourist attractions in Incheon and interesting stories.



Incheon Chinatown → Wolmi Park → Incheon Art Platform → Sinpo International Market
  1. info_photo_926_1.jpg Incheon Chinatown the only one in Korea has been a popular place to visit since the Ching Dynasty's consulate opened in 1884. The establishment of regular ship routes between China's Shandong Peninsula and Incheon brought many Chinese who settled in Bukseong-Dong and Seonnin-Dong. Their numbers increased to 10000 and Bukseong-Dong became known as "Little China". Most of these Chinese sold imported Chinese food goods salt and Korean gold. The area became known for its Chinese restaurants and stores. Incheon's Chinese population begin decrease in 1948 when changes in Korean laws caused a reversal of fortune among Chinatown's merchants. In 1949 the Chinese government placed a ban on their citizens traveling abroad. Now a half-century later Incheon's Chinatown is undergoing a revival. thanks to a city urban renewal project.
  2. Wolmi Park 월미도공원 Wolmi Park is not only a well-preserved natural ecosystem, but also a venue for the modern and contemporary powers, and its historical characteristics are high, making it a natural ecological park and a historical park. Wolmi Park is a highly valuable park for students and a healthy resting place for citizens.
  3. 인천아트플랫폼 The art platform was opened in September 2009 as a cultural and artistic creative space created by remodeling modern port-opening buildings in Haean-dong, Jung-gu, as part of the Incheon Metropolitan City's original urban regeneration project. It is a creative space for culture and arts that encompasses the entire process of art creation, distribution, enjoyment, and education, and is the origin of new culture and arts that are constantly changing as well as revitalizing local culture.
  4. 신포국제시장 A traditional market formed after the opening of the port of Incheon 100 years ago, and it was a place where you can experience foreign cultures. Today, Sinpo International Market attracts tourists with various famous foods and restaurants.

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