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The capital of Korea is Seoul, but Andong is said to be the spiritual and cultural capital of Korea! Andong, where many Korean Socrates have been produced, Seowons (Confucian Academy), where you can hear the sounds of students reading and learning and where tradition and etiquette are still alive and breathing, with vivid scenes of 2nd and 3rd generation families still living together. The area is so beautiful that you can take unforgettable pictures anywhere you go. You can meet them through the VIRTUAL TOUR now.


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What you can expect

▶ Professional Guide
▶ Historical behind stories
▶ Tourist Attractions


▶ Virtual Studio Experience

▶ Andong Main Attractions


• Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy, the beginning of Korean spiritual culture, beautiful Seowon (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage)
• Hahoe Village, where the beauty and tradition of Korean houses are alive (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage)
• Andong Old Market. Korea loves chicken, the origin of jjimdak (braised chicken)
• Wolyeonggyo Bridge, the story of an eternal love letter that lasted for 500 years
• Hwangpo sailboat experience, a trip to the past on a traditional Korean sailboat
• Hahoe Mask Making Experience, the history of making Hahoe Mask, the only MASK among Korea’s national treasures


 In addition, there are many Andong tourist attractions and interesting stories.


Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy → Andong Hahoe Village → Wolyeonggyo Bridge → Hahoe Mask Making Experience
  1. info_photo_812_1.jpg Byeongsan Seowon is a Confucian school that was established by esteemed Confucian scholars to pay tribute to the memory of Seong-nyong Yu (1542-1607) who was well-respected for his writings and personality.
  2. info_photo_695_1.JPG Andong Hahoe Village has preserved the housing architecture and the village structure of the Joseon Dynasty. Moreover, the village was not artificially created; there are people who actually live there. The reason why these houses still remain in their original structures is the village is surrounded by mountains and it had never been invaded. There are 176 families in the village and they are known as the group village of the Pungsan Ryu family. Hahoe Village is famous for maskdance and Hahoe mask which is the oldest mask in Korea since the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1999.
  3. 월영교 Woryeonggyo Bridge was named in reference to the submerged Woryeongdae Observatory and the names of nearby areas Wolgok-myeon and Eumdamgol. The view of Woryeonggyo Bridge with the moon's reflection in the Nakdonggang River is a beautiful sight. Woryeonggyo Bridge harbors a tragic yet beautiful legend about a wife who made a pair of mituri (hemp shoes) out of her hair in heartfelt yearning and condolence for her late husband. In commemoration of her pure and noble love, the bridge was designed in the style of mituri.
  4. 하회탈 만들기 체험 The Hahoe Byeolsingut is a mask performance conducted as part of shamanist rituals. Villagers would pray to their guardian deity while wearing the wooden masks to wish for peace and a bountiful harvest. You can learn how to pain the mask and bring back your Hahoe Mask home!You will get clays of 5 different colors: black, white, red, yellow and blue in which you can mix to create other colors and thereafter design your mask. Masks come in many basic designs from the traditional Andong mask to different animals. It takes roughly about an hour to create a design from start to end.

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