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NLL is the place can see and feel the vivid images of life, The Northern Limit Line is made after armistice agreement which took place July 27, 1953
The border of the west coast lines up from Ganghwado to the five northwestern islands.
Ganghwa Peace Observatory, can see the North Korea the nearest from South Korea Nowdays. (Seeing Houses, Farm Village, School and Community Buildings of Real North Korean Inhabitants)
North Korea Defector will give the lots of North Korea History
The War Memorial of Korea, The Grounds of the war Memorial of Korea were once the headquarters of the Korean Infantry. Many Experts from different fields were consulted nu-merous times and exhaustive research was done in order to complete the exhibits.
Drop off at Myeongdong, Myeongdong is the Primary tourist spot o Korea for foreign visitors, over 1.5 million people here a day.

What you can expect

▶ Professional Guide

▶ Peace Observatory

▶ Gimpo Marine Park


▶ Northern Limited Line

▶ Peace Observatory

▶ Gimpo Marine Park


President Hotel → Ganghwado Seashore Driving(NNL) → Gimpo Marine Park → 강화도 평화전망대 → Amethyst or Ginseng Center → Myeongdong Sending
  1. info_photo_38_4.bmp The President Hotel has two advantages that will make your stay in Seoul more enjoyable - comfort and convenience.The hotel is located in the heart of the downtown' City Hall area' Seoul's vibrant centre for business. Convenient transportation is available through the hotel's shuttle service and through the city's extensive public transportation system.These provide quick access to downtown offices and shops. Inchon International airport is 1 hour 50 minutes away by car and a shorter time by subway). Duksu Palace and the National Museum are accessible in a 10~20 minute walk- Address : 188-3' 1 Ga' Eulji-ro' Jung-gu' Seoul' Korea- Homepage : www.hotelpresident.co.kr- Tel : +82-2-753-3131 - Fax: +82-2-752-7417
  2. 김포함상공원2.jpg You can get on the Navy battleship, and it displays the situation during the war more realistically.When you visit the Hamsng Park, you will experience the life of Navy on the ‘Woonbongham ship,’ the naval battleship. Also you will see a hovercraft that run on both land and sea. Inside of the battleship, there is a theater. You will see various historical information and military knowledge like ‘the story of landing operations’ through fun videos.
  3. 인삼 자수정5.png The colour of Amethyst is as unique as it is seductive, though in fact this gemstone of all gemstones is said to protect its wearer against seduction. Korean Amethyst is extravagance in violet since it has been formed from granite stone base since 5000 years. Moses described it as a symbol of the Spirit of God in the official robes of the High Priest of the Jews, and the Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent thousands of miners into the Urals to look for it. It was said to protect crops against tempests and locusts, bring good fortune in war and in the hunt, drive out evil spirits and inspire the intellect.  Ginseng is renowned for its effectiveness as a great healer for living ever so young.Especially if you eat ginseng when you lose your energy, it really helps to regain energy.Korea is acknowledged by the world because of the quality of ginseng as if it is the birthplace of ginseng.You can experience various kinds of ginseng products like gingersnap, extract, ginseng preserved in honey, and other great quality of products made in Korea.
  4. info_photo_542_4.jpg Myeong-dong Street is a one kilometer area from Myeong-dong Station to Euljiro and Lotte Department Store. Myeong-dong is the busiest region in Seoul and is the leader in Korean fashion trends. Not only will you find large shopping malls and famous brand name shops where you can find clothing and shoes, but fast food chains, cozy cafes and specialty restaurants fill the alleys.

Why Cosmojin

Welcome to CosmoJin. Thanks for your interest and support for our service.

Cosmojin travel has run Seoul daily city tour for more than 17 years. We developed the most attractive tour packages for travelers and will continue to create new programs to meet international traveler’s need.

However, we did not just run city tours only. We are also well prepared for DMZ/JSA tours. 
Well prepared tour is safe & fun. As you will be entering the DMZ, live military action zone, you need to be with professionals like us.

Come along! With professional Korea Tour Agency, CosmoJin.

Tour Included

English Tour Guide, Transportation, North Korea Defector, Admission fee

Tour Excluded

Hotel pick up and sending Service, Lunch

Pick-up Service

President Hotel 1st floor In the Lobby (Mon - Fri, Sun : 08:10 A.M / Sat : 07:50 A.M)

Sending Service

Drop off at Myeongdong at 14:30 P.M

Payment / Cancelation

▶ 1 Day before the tour date : NO cancellation fee
▶ After 18:00 : 100% of cancellation fee
▶ No show on tour date : 100% of cancellation fe


  1. Please bring the passport on the tour date.

Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

  • The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.
  • Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.

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