Ski tour + Nami Island(Ski tour 5)

  • Nami Island-WinterSki tour + Nami Island(Ski tour 5)
  • snow sliding1Ski tour + Nami Island(Ski tour 5)
  • 눈썰매2-투어사진Ski tour + Nami Island(Ski tour 5)
  • 스키3-투어사진Ski tour + Nami Island(Ski tour 5)

What you can expect

Special tour program for those not used to the winter sports and would just like to see and enjoy the snow, this is the right tour for you. Make memorable pictures for you and your friends or family members on the white dazzling snow. It would be one of a great experience during your stay. Optionally you can enjoy snow slide with your lovely kids, too.

Visit the major filming site of famous TV dramas like or and feel the live field of the Korean wave. There are also Korean wave experience center, photo zones, and Korean star shop to purchase souvenirs of Korean pop stars and actors. 

07:30-08:00 Hotel Pick up
08:00-09:00 Arrive at Rental shop (Elysian Gangchon Ski)
09:00-09:30 Rent ski equipment (Ski clothes, gloves and accessories etc.)
09:30-09:45 Arrive at the Ski resort
09:45-10:00 Rent Snow slide
10:00-12:00 Free time
12:00-13:00 Move to Nami Island
13:00-15:00 Nami Island
15:00-16:30 Move to Seoul
16:45-17:30 Red Pine Shop
17:30-18:00 Presidential Hotel(Myeongdong)


- Enjoy and take photos in the snow
- Can be a Korean movie stars lying on the snow
- Enjoy snow slide with your children. Make them feel happy^^
- Namiseom island: The beautiful island in nature with various entertainments 


Hotel(Seoul) → Nami Island → Lunch → Elysian Gangchon → Red Pine Shop → Drop off at Insadong or Hotel
  1. 남이섬1.jpg You have to go by ship about 10 minutes to the half moon-shaped Namiseom island where is floated on the Bukhangang. It is called Namiseom since General Nami was dead as a traitor during Joseon Dynasty and also well-known as the location of . Beautiful paths through a forest fill the island. Nut pines on both sides of the road start the tour and the exotic Metasequoia road is continued, the road of ginkgo trees in the central square changes into golden carpet during autumn season. A long path with white birches and walkway in a reed field on riverside will present you beautiful memories with love. Spending times in the Namiseom island will please you in every minutes with gallery and museum that are full of artworks, and workshops where visitors can experience firsthand. Also various kinds of bicycle can be borrowed for looking around the island. Riding eco-friendly electric bike or taking UNICEF train will be the unique experience.
  2. 눈썰매2.JPG Elysian Gangchon resort is located in a beautiful valley, an easy 1 hour’s drive from Seoul and 10 minutes from the town of Gapyeong.  
  3. 적송 Korea's Red Pine Needle Oil is harvested in an Eco-Friendly manner from trees growing wild in Korea's high mountain forests. Red Pine Needle Oil contains high levels of Chlorophyll, Iron, Beta-Carotene, Protein, Vitamin A, Rutin and a naturally occuring Turpentine. Pine essential needle oil breaks down foreign substances built-up in blood vessels and hemoglobin, and fat cells accumulated in your body, excreting it through urine, excrement or sweat.
  4. 인사동1.jpg Insadong has been at the heart of the nation’s capital for 600 years and it has been the center of culture since the time of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). This is also where the Ministry of Art was once situated. Insadong usually refers to the area from Anguk-dong Rotary to Tapgol Park in Jongno 2(i)-ga past the Insadong Intersection. The notable features of Insadong are the countless alleys that branch out from the main street. Insadong was once known as Mary’s Alley and is a favorite shopping spot among foreigners. Over forty percent of the nation’s antique stores are in Insadong. The antiques sold tend to be more valuable than those sold on other art streets in Korea. The prices range from 10,000 won to hundreds of millions (1USD is about 1,000 KWR). Most of the stores sell old books, pictures and calligraphy. Among the antiques are old pictures, pottery, wooden containers and jewelry. There are a variety of art works from earthenware of the Unified Silla Era to white pottery of the Joseon Era. Insadong is visited by many foreign visitors from Japan, China, France, the United States and other countries. Insadong is visited year round reaching the peak of its popularity in Spring and Autumn.  

Why Cosmojin

Thank you for your interest to Cosmojin, the travel agency for foreign tourists.

Cosmojin travel agency is developing newest tour packages follows customers’ needs and world trend as a company which is managing Seoul daily city tour for foreign tourists for more than 15 years.

Every package is organized with popular sights easy to find by theme and time, and also programs for touring suburb are prepared for who wants to get out of complex Seoul and enjoy relaxed time. Driving out of Seoul in an hour will impress you with unique mood of Korea. We selected only good spots in one hour distance for a day tour.

We are proud of our professional guide services are distinguished from any other travel agencies in satisfaction level. We understand that any meaningful sights could be nothing without professional guide. Also we provide the latest vehicles and clean transportations for satisfying every customer in Seoul city tour. Today, you will earn the interesting, fabulous episodes and not-often-to-hear information about Seoul and Korea.

The best guide, the best customer, and the best sights. I hope you enjoy. 

Tour Included

1. English Tour Guide – Tour information & Basic instruction
2. Transportation
3. Nami Island Admission
4. Ski Gloves & Snow slide

Tour Excluded

1. Meal(Lunch)

Pick-up Service

Pick up at Hotel(Seoul)

Sending Service

Sending at Myeongdong

Payment / Cancelation

▶ Cancel by 18:00 one day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
▶ Cancel after 18:00 one day before the tour date: cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost.
▶ Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


Option(Extra payment) 
1. Ski clothes : 20,000 KRW
2. Ski lift : 57,000 KRW
3. Professional ski lesson : 60,000 KRW
4. Snow board : 10,000 KRW



Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

  • The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.
  • Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.

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