Everland Shuttle Bus

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  • 에버랜드Everland Shuttle Bus
  • 에버랜드Everland Shuttle Bus
  • 에버랜드Everland Shuttle Bus

Tour issue

▶ Please arrive at the designated pick up spot 10 minutes in advance
▶ No eating and drinking on the bus
▶ Caribbean Bay is within 5 minutes walking distance from Everland


Enjoy easy roundtrip transportation from Seoul to Everland, South Korea's largest theme park, and Caribbean Bay, the world's largest waterpark.

Get convenient and efficient transfers from Seoul to Everland with this special service from CosmoJin.
As one of South Korea's must-visit destinations, Everland is a theme park like no other. It features thrill rides like T Express, which is the longest, fastest, highest, and steepest roller coaster in South Korea, a zoo, and the world's largest water park, Caribbean Bay. With this shuttle bus package, you can choose the pickup point from given 4 stops and enjoy a direct hour long ride to Everland.

To visit the Caribbean Bay, simply take a 5-minute walk from the theme park. At the end of the day, the shuttle bus will pick you up and drop you off again at one of the four stops. All this is available at an even bigger discount from CosmoJin!


*Booking Process

1) Make online booking   

    Choose meeting point, date, a number of people and proceed to the checkout page to complete

2) Check your email   

    Upon successful booking; you will receive an Email Voucher.

3) Meet the tour driver   

    Show the email or say your name to the tour staff or driver


*Before the reservation

1) This item only provide a shuttle bus

2) This item does NOT include guide

3) You might have to buy your separate ticket to enter the each tour point

* To purchase tickets in advance please 'click here

*After the reservation

1) If you want to change any additional information of the bus ticket, please contact us 2 days advance
    before the bus date.

2) If the minimum Pax. is not filled, the shuttle bus schedule will be canceled automatically. In this case,
    the full refund will be processed.

3) Even though the bus schedule is canceled if the original based tour is placed, you might be able to join
    the group.

4) Please check all the following tour issue


*How to Use

1) You must bring your email voucher or mobile phone

2) Please present this email on your mobile phone to the bus driver/staff for verification

4) Please arrive 10 mins or earlier at the pickup location before boarding time.

5) If you didn’t buy your ticket in advance, you can still purchase them on site. (If you want a help to
    purchase the tickets for you, please ask us in advance).

6) If You Cannot Find The Bus If you cannot find the shuttle bus, please call at +82(0)2-318-0345
    BEFORE the departure time.

7) If You Miss The Bus Refund is NOT possible. You must board the bus going to “OOO” in order to
    receive the return bus tickets to go back to Seoul. Please do not miss the bus, as it cannot be
    * Pick-up and drop-off service may be delayed due to traffic.


*Return-Bus Schedule

▶ The return schedule and Ticket will be handed out on the bus.

▶ Additional information will be given before you get off the bus.

▶ If You Cannot Find The Bus If you cannot find the shuttle bus, please call at +82(0)2-318-0345
    BEFORE the departure time.

▶ If you miss the Return-Bus CosmoJin is not responsible for your cause, We will wait maximum 10 mins
    before we departure. Please be on time.


* For more inquiries please contact us to booking@cosmojin.com / +82-2-318-0345
   Please, considering time difference between Korea and your country.
   We can reply to your email within 24 hours.

What you can expect

▶ Comfortable ride from Seoul to Everland
▶ Shorter average travel time
▶ Drop off right in front of the ticket office


Hongdae (Hongik University Street) → Gwanghwamun' City Hall → Everland
  1. info_photo_1140_1.jpg Hongdae-ap (the area in front of Hongik University) is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression. Unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, fashion shops, live cafés and clubs, art markets, and gourmet eateries make this a popular hang-out for locals in their 20s and 30s and a fascinating place to walk around.
  2. info_photo_116_4.bmp * CITY HALL Founded in 1926 Seoul City Hall is a Renaissance-style stone building. Seoul Square in front of City Hall is a historic site where the 1919 (Samil) Independence Movement and the pro-democracy movement in June 1987 were held. It is also a well-known place where tens of thousands of Korean soccer fans came to cheer at during the 2002 World Cup Games. * GWANGHWAMUN Gwanghwamun is the main gate of Gyeongbokgung founded in 1395 by the first king of Joseon Tae-Jo. It is the south gate of the four gates of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The name means "may the light of enlightenment blanket the world" and it carries the high purpose the founding people of Joseon in creating a new dynasty. Gwanghwamun was constructed out of granite. In the center is an entrance that resembles a rainbow called Hongyemun and above that is a gate tower.
  3. 에버랜드6.jpg The most popular attraction is T express wooden rollercoaster running down to 77-degree angle. Squeaking noise from wooden rollercoaster brings more thrills. Lost Valley safari offers tour through 2,000 of animals in an amphibious vehicle and also different theme parade in each season is one of the famous things too. The park is selected the fourth of world favored theme parks in 2006 to Forbes Magazine. People think safari first when they heard ""Everland"". This is brand new type of zoo that you can enter in the field and meet various wild lives, not like normal zoos with caged animals. Their safari since opening of Everland (as natural farm) in 1976 cross bred ligers between tiger and lion, and gives more spectacle by adding rare white tigers. You can apply the safari special tour to enjoy more live safari. Safari special tour that can look around in a jeep allows 6 people in one car, and it provides 25 minutes for tour. Additional facilities require separate charge.

Why Cosmojin

Welcome to CosmoJin. Thanks for your interest and support for our service. Cosmojin travel has run Seoul daily city tour for more than 17 years. We developed the most attractive tour packages for travelers and will continue to create new programs to meet international traveler’s need. Our mission is to make every step of your tour simple! Traveling should be all about playing and no hard work, don’t waste your time to find your way! Simply travel with CosmoJin, we will do the rest. With so many activities waiting to be discovered, our goal is to connect travelers with the experiences you want and need! Nice and cozy shuttle service is waiting for you to come along. From mini bus to 45 seaters, we are ready to take you on board to amazing Seoul tours! CosmoJin always work hard to prepare various tour routes to take you along! When you visit another country, it is very difficult for foreigners to use public transport. Why not use safe and reasonable CosmoJin shuttle service to sightsee spots in Seoul in short amount of time. The English speaking staff on the shuttle bus will solve your curiosity! CosmoJin always provides the best for your travel in Korea.

Tour Included

▶ Round trip shuttle bus tickets

Tour Excluded

▶ Everland Ticket
▶ Carribean Bay Ticket

Pick-up Service

▶ 07:30 Hongdae Station exit 9
▶ 08:00 Seoul City Hall

Sending Service

▶ take the free shuttle bus from the ticket office to no. 5 parking lot and board at 19:00 return shuttle bus, check the map for more details

Payment / Cancelation

▶ No cancellations may be made after the transition


▶ In case some sites of the tours are closed, a visit to alternative places will apply.
▶ For your safety, stay with the group and follow the directions of the guide during a group tour.
▶ Cosmojin cannot take responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred while on tour.


Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

  • The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.
  • Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.

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