The most tasteful performance!

1hr 20mins
  • 비밥BIBAP Show
  • 비밥BIBAP Show


The world's most delicious musical of all time, BIBAP!

It's a Non-Verbal performance based on the Korean representative dish, bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef). As a Non-Verbal performance, the actors mimic the sound of making bibimbap with beat-boxing and a cappella, demonstration of motions through b-boying, and acrobatics and martial arts.
Today, it is heralded as the pioneer of a new culture code, Eatertainment, the combination of eating and entertainment. Get a taste of this innovative and dynamic performance at Cine Core now!

What you can expect

▶ Tasteful & Colorful performance
▶ 13% discounted ticket
▶ Great performance
▶ Hunger


▶ Talented actors and musicians demonstrating their skills of performance in the kitchen
▶ Breakdancing, martial arts, acrobatics and singing accompany with cooking
▶ The non-verbal show and use of mime, do not worry about language barriers!
▶ You might feel hungry during the show

Why Cosmojin

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Tour Included

▶ Bibab Ticket

Payment / Cancelation

▶ After the payment, NO CANCELATION


Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

  • The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.
  • Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.

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