Who is our Consumer?

We guarantee an outstanding ceremony with

Decorated hospitality by Korean tendency.

The best customer satisfaction through professional planning ability and varied events experience is the Cosmojin's own value in the MICE field.
15 years of Cosmojin’s high honored have been acquired through holding influential international events such as G20, G50 Nuclear Security Summit over the years.

G20 seoul summit 2010
 Thank you letter from the embassy of Italy for the Cosmojin VIP service during G20

Why Cosmojin?

The perfect Partner for Your Successful International Event D(Destination),M(Management),C(Company)-Cosmojin is the DMC you have been seeking for.

We started our business since 2001. Through Cosmojin, as an experienced tourism service company, we adjusted towards foreigners for International Convention and incentive Tour. Over 50,000 foreign tourists have been satisfied with the service of Cosmojin Tour. This is the evidence of our competitive edge,whichnobodycanyetmatch.

The outstanding service from Cosmojin is currently advertised at many media shows. Cosmojin is highly recommended and selected for Tourism Companies to provide support to foreign VIPs. Not only domestic major companies like Samsung, LG, or Hyundai, but also national organizations use the services of Cosmojin, when they arrange to invite foreigners to events (Meetings, Conferences, inspections, and Events of the Asian-Pacific)

If you arrange to have an event in Korea, don't hesitate to contact us. Please cooperate with one of our many professional counselor in Cosmojin.

 When - When looking for a DMC Company to help manage an international event in Korea
 Who - Done by a facility counseling staff within Cosmojin
 What – Response for every service involved in Korea (From a pick-up service to their departure)
 How – Qualified within your budget with exceptional and exclusive concepts

What We Provide

Cosmojin Network
  •  Preparation of Conference Planning
  •  Budget Managemant. Negotiation & Selection of Sponsor
  •  Organization & Management of Conference Program
  •  Liaison for Event Venues
  •  Establishment of Database of Anticipated Participants
  •  Registration & Accommodation for Participants
  •  VIP Management and Protocol
  •  Planning, Design and Priniting of Publication
  • Operation of executive office 
  • Public Relations & Marketing 
  • Planning & Progress of Official and Social Event 
  • Translation & Interpretation 
  • Planning and Progress of Tourism Program 
  • On-site Operation & Report 

How we Process

VIP Personality Analysis

Planning Schedule

Participant Program Planning

Assigning guide & Exclusive staff

Preparation of all condition


Highly experienced Guide, Transportation, Operator will be one group and contribute the Best tour program.
English, Japanese, Chinese Counselor is available for 24hours.